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Custom Hard Enamel Pin Badges In UK

We are London's top-rated hard pin badges maker to bring your inner style out.

Highest Quality

Highest Quality

Smooth Process

Smooth Process

Fast Shipping

Fast Shipping

Any shape or style

Durable & robust

Upto 10 colours

Turnaround: 2 weeks

Price Starts At £9.99

Best Rated: 4.9/5

UK's Best Hard Pin Badges: Symbolise Your Ideas!

Our lives are filled with ideas and sweet accomplishments that we want to share with everyone. At some point, people ask, why don't you wear it if you're so passionate? Well, your wish is granted. Introducing CustomPinBadgesUK! We are a hard enamel pin badge maker in Manchester, and all across the UK that ensures your outfit and accessories reflect the notion you support. We carve your ideas into little pieces of art that attract.

You are different, and you deserve better. That is why our customised hard pin badges are unique and made to order so you can get exactly what you want. Each badge represents your idea and is made with high-grade material that is durable and robust.

Whether you want text or an image - we do it all. Our badges are irresistible to the eyes. Trust us - They won't stop scanning those gleaming badges. The cherry on top, you can get that at prices that won't lead to debt. Our deals are always on the rescue for people who wants to save some pounds.

UK's Personalised Hard Pin Badges Are 3 Steps Away!

No matter what crazy ideas you have, we have superpowers to bring it to life.

STEP 1:Share ideas & inspirations…
Step 1
We Love Your Input

Fill us in with the design inspiration. Don't have one? Not a problem. Simply share what you want and see how we turn it into a gem.

STEP 2:Review your e-sample…
Step 2
Give Your Feedback

Your feedback is valuable to us. Now we'll adjust the sample as per your instructions and await your happy face to proceed.

STEP 3:Now we craft your badge…
Step 3
Time To Create

This is where we put all our efforts into bringing your notion symbolised. Now wait for the bell to ring - You'll get it soon.

We Do More Than Traditional Hard Enamel Pin Badges In UK!

We understand you want to get yourself out of that traditional circle and get the modern yet classic pieces that speak your style. Our Bristol's customised hard pin badges are here to the rescue!

With 10+ years of experience, we ensure excellent quality and outlook that sits right with your style and narrative.

Best Custom Image

UK's Hard Pin Badges Services Never Limit Your Options!

Don't hesitate to pick out any style, shape or design - we've got you covered.

Plating Options
Pin Attachments
Pin Attachment 1Pin Attachment 2
Packaging 1
Packaging 2
Packaging 3
Packaging 4
Choose any design you want - It's your call!

UK's Wholesale Hard Pin Badges - Now In Your Budget!


Queries About Hard Enamel Pin Badges In UK - Sorted!


We have good news - we have no minimum quantity to place the order. We never restrict you on the quantity. However, we always suggest you place at least 30 pieces order. The more you order - the lesser you pay.


Absolutely! You can share any design you want. Make sure that artwork is high-definition so it doesn't affect the quality. Our designers take any format artwork. However, we always prefer Adobe files (.psd).


With years of track record of delivering high-quality badges to Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford and all around UK, we can say we're the best. Plus, our low prices are what make people's favourites.


We are the fastest in the whole UK. The process takes around 15 days to take the order, process, manufacture and dispatch to your doorstep. However, we can always put on first priority with our rush delivery.

UK's Best Hard Enamel Pin Badges - Secret's Out!

Kristina Franklin - Birmingham
Kristina Franklin


My hard enamel badges turned out fantastic. Bright colours and beautiful shapes made it more attractive. Highly recommended!

Bryan Paul - London
Bryan Paul


I'm glad I took your hard enamel pin badge services. You really made my event a big success with your custom badges.

Sylvia Drake - Liverpool
Sylvia Drake


I'm still surprised by the quality and design. I will definitely order more for such affordable prices and recommend you to friends.

Alexis Rowe - London
Alexis Rowe


Ordering from Belfast, I was thinking of pin badges turnaround. But honestly, they were fast and delivered within 2 weeks only.

Hugo Riley - Manchester
Hugo Riley


I had a design in mind but wasn't sure about it. Their experts gave their time and guided me about enamel badges. Overall great!

Clark Robinson - Belfast
Clark Robinson


Ever since I got your personalised hard enamel pin badges, I've received compliments on their perfect look. Great job, guys!

UK's Hard Enamel Pin Badges - Adds The Cool Factor!

Are you still wearing basic outfits every day? Well, that's now how you can impress people. Fashionistas want their outfit and accessories to be unique, fun and inspiring. But let's be real, shopping for new pieces isn't good for your wallet's health. How about you own a few badges that can instantly spice up your whole outfit?

That's where we make the entry with our customised hard enamel pin badges. These are your ideas mould into attractive shapes and styles so they can make you a straight ten-worthy look. With a hard structure and glossy finish, they gleam like stars on a clear sky, putting everybody in awe of your outfit game.

Every pin badge is made from quality material that is then backed and polished to ensure we're turning coal into a diamond. With a shiny finish and vivid colours, it can elevate any clothing and turn it into a look we all dig for. That badge with a pin attached to the back makes it an efficient piece to add to the wardrobe.

We Mould Your Ideas Into Eye-Catching Hard Enamel Pin Badges In UK!

The world of customisation is skyrocketing since people are more inclined towards badges with a personal touch. Thanks to technology, you can now have one without any hassle. But yes - only if you pick the best hard pin badge maker. Since the world is full of scams, we come in like fresh air to make your dream come true.

We are the top-rated badge maker in the UK landscape and revolutionise the industry with our decade-long expertise and quality that reflects our commitment. We believe in customer satisfaction; that's why our experts are always on the run to get your feedback and resolve queries or issues as soon as possible.

The best part is yet to come. Our affordable prices will easily fit your budget, leaving you stress-free - No hidden charges to loot you. Our process is simple and transparent, making better communication throughout the project much easier. Get ready for a hassle-free experience since we deliver right to your doorstep!

UK's Hard Enamel Pin Badges Make Any Event A Big Success!

Let's make it clear, there's no one way to pull off the beauty of badges. You can use them in many different and unpopular ways. Did you know you can turn your event into a professional biggie? Adding a badge counter or giving it to your audience as a souvenir makes a massive difference.

Our personalised hard enamel pin badges will steal the show with its extravagant look and luxury finish. Whether you want to add an image or want text to support any narrative, these little gems work wonders. These badges will work out in many events like birthday parties, breast cancer awareness events and more.

It's up to your creativity, where and when you want to utilise it to make your event a big hit. Since every piece is customised and is on sale for the dreamiest price, you can resist availing it. Moreover, you can get your badges within two weeks no matter where you live in the UK - That's some perks of London's leading badge maker.

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