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UK's Finest Custom-Made Medals

Our unique and personalised medals are to reward the UK's talent.

Excellent Quality

Excellent Quality

Sample In 24 Hours

Sample In 24 Hours

24/7 Client Support

24/7 Client Support

High-Grade Material

Bespoke Design

Affordable Prices

Delivery: 2 weeks

Price Starts At £8.99

Best Rated: 4.9/5

Appreciate UK's Talent With Custom Medals!

We all know UK is filled with talented people up to the brim. Talent doesn't just need to be recognised but should be rewarded well to boost their morale. We must motivate them to build a legacy. That's where CustomPinBadgesUK comes in with revolutionising customised medals in London, Manchester and all across UK landscape. Our custom medals services are to cheer brilliant people by awarding them with remarkable medals.

You are a genius, and your skills need to be recognised by words and something that stays with you and reminds you of your journey. Our personalised medals are a great way to bring deserving candidates to the radar.

Our robust, high-grade material ensures that your medal lasts a lifetime and preserves your legacy. With customisation, you can add any logo, title or name you like. We open doors of creativity so you can have the most captivating pieces in your collection without breaking the bank.

UK's Custom Engraved Medals - Now In 3 Easy Steps!

We know you have a lot in mind - we bring it to life.

STEP 1:Pour us your ideas…
Step 1
Upload Your Design

Your input helps us comprehend what kind of medal you want. Whether you have the design or not, we will turn in the best medal.

STEP 2:Check out the artwork…
Step 2
Review The Artwork

Let us know what are your thoughts on the sample. We'll make revisions, and on your green signal, we'll hop on to the next stage.

STEP 3:We get to work…
Step 3
We Make It Happen

We give birth to unique and novel medals with the help of our experts. Just wait a bit - your medals will reach your doorstep soon.

UK's Personalised Medals Break The Shackle Of Ordinary!

Do you want customised running medals, but all you can find are the same old-designed pieces that everyone's doing? Not with us! Our Bristol experts make you one in a million with their designs.

With a knack for creativity and decade-long expertise, we bring the missing spark back with our work.

Best Custom Medals

UK's Custom Medals Give You Plenty Of Options!

What you have in mind - we get that out on your online custom badges.

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Packaging 3
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You have a lot to choose from!

UK's Martial Arts Medals In Just £50 - It's A Steal!


Straighten Out Queries About UK's Custom Medal!


Both the medals are great on their own. It totally depends on your use and purpose. Enamelled medals are excellent in quality and last long, whereas wooden medals give a great outlook and luxurious feel to the medal itself.


Our turnaround time is the quickest in all over UK. Our sample turnaround is 24 hours, and the delivery takes about 4-6 days, depending on the customisation, quality and your requirements. We also offer rush delivery to save time.


Yes, you can! We love when you participate in the project and share what you like the best. Be it an idea or an inspiration, your addition is highly valuable. If you're sharing your design, you must ensure the quality is top-notch.


Not only stack medals, but we are great in every kind of medals, including segment, cycling, silicone, swimming, charity, football, Santa medals and many more. We're the best with the highest quality, design, and great price.

'I Loved Duathlon Medals' - UK's Best Revealed!

Gerard Watts - London
Gerard Watts


I'm glad to see how my contrast medals turned out. The texture was excellent, and the popping colors looked really good.

Angel Smith - Houston
Angel Smith


My custom-running medals needed revisions in some parts. They did that for free and delivered the artwork within a day.

Neal Harrington - Edinburgh
Neal Harrington


Since Europa medals are a big deal, I was skeptical at first. But they managed everything really well and delivered quality.

Esther Owen - Oxford
Esther Owen


They are the best in custom-race medals at cheap and affordable prices. Its crisp quality is what caught my attention.

Jack Medina - Liverpool
Jack Medina


Only they did justice to my triathlon medal and logo printed ribbons order. Plus, they were the fastest and most affordable.

Victoria Becker - Birmingham
Victoria Becker


I searched online for the best medal manufacturer, and they popped up. They turned my idea into eye-catching custom medals.

Our UK's Custom Medals - We Preserve Your Achievement!

Are you organising a sports event or any other big ceremony to introduce the world to the top talent? Calling out their name on the stage isn't enough since the value last only a few hours. Once the event is done - your achievement pretty much vanishes. However, we have something that makes your achievement last long.

Our custom-made medals are perfect to serve that purpose. Whether you want to add the organiser's logo, text or any design - we've got your back. We produce premium-looking medals that make your milestone worth a million. Its classy and luxurious look feels no less than a diamond necklace at wallet-friendly prices.

Just because we're offering the most affordable prices doesn't mean we compromise on quality. Our medals are durable and made from high-quality metal to introduce the world to our high standards. Our quality inspection makes it impossible for the poor ones to stay in the game. You will only get the best ones!

UK's Custom-Made Medals - We Make Your Victory Special!

Let us paint a picture. It's your corporate event - a big glamorous party where you distribute presents. It's going great until you distribute those poor-quality and ugly medals. This is a recipe for disaster and will give people a chance to bad-mouth your efforts. How about you choose London's best medal maker?

Our personalised medals will never shatter your dreams. Its great quality, beautiful finish and topped with your favourite design make it a true gem. You and your talented employees deserve to get the medals that remind them of their achievements and the most remarkable milestone they had in their careers - It's now possible!

This was the good part. The best part is that we're affordable all over UK. With us, you don't have to juggle your eyes from the price tag to your wallet back and forth. Moreover, our delivery time is the fastest, so you don't have to wait to get your hands on medals. Trust us - our medals are the gems you've been looking for!

UK's Captivating Custom Medal Creation - It's Steals The Show!

Ever happened you place the order for your custom medals, and even after a long wait, you have no idea about your medals? After a while, even if you get them, you're put off by the quality. Well, those sketchy websites are a red flag and will only rip you off at the end. This isn't how you want to end up, right? Partner with UK's best medal maker.

Unlike others, we never abandon you during the project. We ensure you get the best service at the earliest and deliver you quality at the best possible price. There's no secret that we're affordable and good for your wallet's health. To save up some more, you can place a bulk order and qualify yourself for our exciting and significant discounts.

Since we have no minimum order quantity, you can order the quality of your choice. Whether it's ten or a hundred - it's totally your call. However, we always suggest ordering at least 50 pieces to save you money. Precisely, our personalised medals are within the reach of everyone and can instantly make your event a biggie!

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