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Durable Patches

Durable Patches

Any Design/Shape

Any Design/Shape

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Custom Embroidered Patches In UK That Will Fit Your Fashion Sense

Custom embroidered patches are the best shot to express your individuality and span your message around cost-effectively. Trusting the right manufacturer is important, because, in the end, you want to be remembered for positive reasons, right? is the UK's most trusted manufacturer stretching over London, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham and other parts of UK.

We specialise in everything from embroidered Velcro patches to iron-on, sew-on, clutch pins, PVC, and all other types of backing. Also, we have plenty of experience in manufacturing embroidered patches for fire departments, bands, police, NGOs, military, soccer and other sectors. Plus, we cater to demands like logo patches, text patches and so on. So whatever you need, we can make them for you.

Do you have an awesome idea residing in your head, but your budget isn't letting you execute it into an embroidery patch? Our embroidery coverage variation facility enables clients to opt for just the ideal amount of threadwork without paying through their noses. The lesser the embroidery, the less the price quote. Our cotton badges are just what you need to add that extra flair to your clothing and outstand in the crowd.

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Any Design & Color(s)

Shipping Time: 15 Days (Max)

Pricing Starts From: £4.99

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Get Custom Design Embroidered Patches In 3 Steps

Want Custom-Made Embroidered Patches? UK's Experts Have Your Back!

STEP 1:Show us what you want
Step 1
Rough sketches are accepted!

And even if you don't have that, no issues. We'll offer you artwork service at no additional price and place your order.

STEP 2:We'll show you a draft
Step 2
Add an extra layer of assurance

Just to be sure we are on the same page, we'll send you a digital draft. You can request unlimited edits until satisfied.

STEP 3:Oh, the final step
Step 3
Yes, we are that quick

Within 18 days of your draft approval, you'll receive your tangible custom-made embroidered patches at your doorstep.

Wear Your UK's Custom-Made Embroidered Patches With Pride

The best part about custom-made embroidered patches is they can go with any backpack, hat, jacket or any possible apparel. Since you are given complete control of picking every element of your patch, you can pick any backing, size and shape. After all, it's you (or perhaps YOUR audience) who'd be carrying custom-made embroidered patches.

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Any Backing, Any Design - Design Your Custom Embroidered Patches Online

Offering a gamut of personalisation options, including backings, shapes and sizes!

Plastic Backing Type
Plastic Backing Type
Adhesive Backing for Patches
Adhesive Backing for Patches
Custom Patch Iron On Backing
Custom Patch Iron On Backing
Custom Patch Velcro Backing
Custom Patch Velcro Backing
Don't know what to order? Our experts will help!

Quality Custom Embroidery Patches In UK; We Have Best Deals Around!

SIZE/QTY1” – 1.5”2” – 2.5”3” – 3.5”4” – 4.5”5” – 5.5”

We Know, What's Bugging Your Mind - FAQs


The ideal size of any personalised embroidery patch would be somewhere between 3 inches to 5 inches. We don't mind making larger than 5 inches custom embroidered patches, but they reduce the patches' real essence. Cotton badges are supposed to be compact.


That's totally your call! We allow up to 12 colors in one design. Anything more than that might add complexity and make the design look a bit messier. We recommend not more than 5 colors in one design as this gives a better look, and the design looks cleaner and eye-catching.


We offer various types of backings with our customised embroidery patches, like Velcro, sew-on, iron-on, clutch pins, self-stick, magnetic etc. Depending on the customer's use, we recommend the best type of backing. Whatever our customer requires, we make that for them.


We have no minimum quantity requirement. Place your order for as many or as few pieces as you want to. We'd cater to your requirements confidently. Our company aims to be a source of happiness for clients, and a 'no minimum' facility is just one way of achieving that.

'Exceptional Quality Embroidery Patches' - A British Customer Spilling Beans

Jacob - London


Exceptional quality embroidery patches in UK, for sure! They are personalised just in the way I wanted my cotton badges to be. Bright and vivid colors just can't get off my eyes.

Amelia - Leeds


A few years back, I needed a real-reliable embroidery patch maker who doesn't scam me like the previous one did. I found them, and it's been years since then, and this is my go-to spot.

Sophia - Bristol


I ordered embroidered patches for my school's function. As I distributed them among students, they were so excited to wear them. Plus I must say, the quality is really appreciable.

Dominique - Glasgow


The communication with them was really smooth. Plus, the customisation requirements I gave them were fully satisfied. They delivered perfection under the name of patches.

Alfie - Edinburgh


Just received my order and unpacked and I am not kidding; they are so much great. The patches look so nice and soft. I must say, they are doing a wonderful job, for sure.

Henry - Leicester


It was a pleasure working with this professional embroidery patch maker in London. From the initial conversation to the final delivery, it was a wholesome experience.

Add A Little More Twist To Your Custom Embroidery Patches With Fancy Threads

From shiny to matte, regular and metallic - we are UK's well-known custom embroidered patches manufacturers, allowing clients to pick from a wide range of thread colors and types. Since our client base is pretty vast, we always have something for everyone. We use 100% colorfast and fade-resistant threads, so your cotton badges look new for many years and never bleed, even after several washes.

And if you don't really like regular patch base material, we can let you choose your desired material, like polyester, cotton twill, felt or anything else. You just name it, and we'll bring it out from our warehouses. All of our raw material is sourced from legit sources to ensure our customer receives the best value for the money they invest in us. You'll receive high-quality personalised embroidered patches.

Plus, we leverage years of experience in this field. This means we know what it takes to design a great-looking patch, capturing fine and crisp details in it. So whatever design you have in your mind – be it a logo, design, some unique shape or even text; the team here is capable of turning that into a customer embroidery patch! We have delivered 3D patches, name patches, rocker patches and much more.

Wave A Good Bye To Dull Borders - Secure Your UK's Custom Patches With Royal Edges

Wave goodbye to dull, boring borders and straight edges that looks nothing but very unpleasing. We have adopted the latest techniques and use advanced tools to make beautiful borders and secure the edges of your patch. These borders give the cotton badge a royal look, further enhancing the entire look. Be it a simple circle, square or ornate shape, we can create borders for it as experts.

The most popular types of borders are Merrowed borders and Hot-cut borders. Merrowed ones are used for standard-shaped patches like squares, ovals, and so on. But, hot-cut borders are used to secure edges of patches with intricate shapes. Both types come with different price tags, but they play a great role for both. But if you can't pick the right type of border, that's not at all a problem! We can still be at your help.

The best perk of working with us is our hands-on experience delivering the largest variety of custom embroidery patches. Some of our masterpieces include letter patches, back patches, 3D ones, and much more. So we have worked on almost every set of requirements and understand all the nuances related to personalised embroidery badges. So, do you still aim to doubt the crackerjack of this field?

Get Wholesale Custom Embroidered Patches Near You In Stratford, London & Leeds

Living in Stratford and asking Alexa about the 'best custom embroidered patches near Stratford and London?' We are sure you'd come across our name! We have gathered a positive reputation across London, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham for supplying the best-in-class cotton badges to the customer. Our company backs high-end products with superior customer service.

Many people wish to grab a personalised embroidery patch that reflects their uniqueness, but their dream shatters when they hear the pricing. But burh, no more! Because we offer our durable and quality cotton badges at a wholesale price. Our low pricing is no less than a glad tiding for our customers. What else could one aim for, like, low prices, with so many exclusive deals and repeat buyer discounts?

Ultimately, we wish to establish an everlasting bond with our customers. Hence, we give them complete leverage to assemble their personalised cotton badges themselves. But we stay by their side for assistance (just in case they can't make the decisions). Our experts have a thorough knowledge of this field and can surely provide our customers with the best and correct advice.

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