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Custom Metal Badges In UK

We are Bristol's best metal badges manufacturer making the environment better.

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Free Artwork

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Quality Material

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UK's Custom Eco Metal Pin Badges - Making Earth Happy!

Every year we celebrate tons of events. Be it a corporate event for achieving a long-awaited milestone or a party for some success. We all want to make it memorable and get something to remind us of that achievement. Now it's no more a dream. CustomPinBadgesUK is London's leading metal badges suppliers to make your event more impactful and reflect your ideas on those little gems.

With our personalised metal pin badges, you can share your notion with everyone and make it more powerful. Since they're customised, you're not bound by one design, shape or colour, you can choose whatever suits your vibe and resonate with your passion.

But that's not it. Our customised metal badges are eco-friendly and made from recycled material to reduce environmental toxicity and make it a better place. That means you can now enjoy your events and make them everlasting without having guilt. Let's bring your message out at cheap prices.

That's How We Create Custom Eco Metal Pin Badges UK!

Your eco-friendly dreams will come true in just a few steps:

STEP 1:Tell us in detail…
Step 1
Share Your Design

Share your ideas and inspirations so we take that to use. This will give us a roadmap of how things must be done so you love the results.

STEP 2:Give your feedback…
Step 2
Receive The Sample

Tell us what you think about the artwork. Your reviews are valuable in revising the sample and we assure you that you'll receive the best.

STEP 3:We bring it to life…
Step 3
It's Manufacturing Time

Once you approve the samples, our experts will get on to work with the aim of delivering something that brings a smile to your face.

UK's Personalised Eco Metal Badges Are 100% Recycled!

With the world moving forward, we are taking a step back with our non-eco-efficient ways. However, our customised metal badges are made from recycled material to reduce the carbon footprint.

With green motive in mind, we carve beautiful stamped metal badges that make your narrative solid and aesthetic.

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UK's Eco Metal Badges Services: Any Style - Any Shape!

Our metal badges custom gives you a bunch of different options.

Plating Options
Pin Attachments
Pin Attachment 1Pin Attachment 2
Packaging 1
Packaging 2
Packaging 3
Packaging 4
You have the power to choose any design!

UK's Metal Badges Custom - Insane Price Drop!


UK's Eco Metal Badges - Addressing Your Queries!


Yes, they are! Our eco-metal pin badges are made from recycled materials that positively impact the environment. Because of its sustainability and eco-production, it reduces the carbon footprint and makes this world happy.


Not at all. Just because we've eco-friendly options doesn't mean we compromise on other things. With modern technology, we’ve cracked the manufacturing process. These badges don't take longer than other regular badges.


No, we don't. We have kept our prices affordable so you can reduce the guilt of contributing negatively towards the environment. Our prices are also wallet-friendly, so you can enjoy your events without ripping out your pocket.


Our delivery time is quite competitive which takes around 15 days maximum. However, since its customised badges, your requirements may fluctuate the delivery time. We also have rush delivery options for our hasty clients.

UK's Eco Metal Badges Are Bestsellers For A Reason!

Jeannie Perry - Leicester
Jeannie Perry


I loved how the process was smooth and there was no communication barrier. You guys did great for my eco metal pin badges.

Jorge Roy - Oxford
Jorge Roy


Nobody could do a better job in crafting custom eco-metal badges. The prices were affordable and wallet-friendly.

Lester Bowers - Birmingham
Lester Bowers


The designs turned out perfect with bright colours and high-quality print. They indeed make the best metal badges in UK.

Melissa Homes - Manchester
Melissa Homes


I'm surprised they delivered my eco metal pin badges for school in 14 days. They're super-fast and the most reliable!

Rick Benson - Edinburgh
Rick Benson


They gave free revisions for eco-metal badge samples without charging extra. Their services and quality are top-notch!

Andres Meyer - Liverpool
Andres Meyer


I found eco-metal badges online at the most reasonable price. For design, colours and quality of badges, they're a ten.

UK's Eco Metal Pin Badges For Sustainable Fashion Freaks!

Are you a fashion freak looking for affordable and eco-friendly metal name badges? Well, this will take a while. You'll find many options, but they will instantly run you out of money with their charges. If not, their compromised and cheap quality will put you off. It's a vicious circle that traps you and wastes your time.

To save you from scams and transform the world into a better place, we are coming with our metal badges for schools and many other options that will catch your attention. Whether you want to jazz up your backpack or jacket, we've got a bunch of options for you to choose from. We symbolize your voice in a creative badge.

Your fashion and real world are safe with our eco metal pin badges. No matter what crazy ideas you have - any image, text or symbol, we get that done within two weeks only. The best part is the pricing. Even with the eco-friendly version, we keep it under your budget so you can enjoy a guilt-free event knowing the earth is smiling.

We Shape Notion Into Eco Metal Pin Badges In UK!

Your achievements are worth a grand celebration. But how can you make it an unforgettable event? How about using eco metal pin badges for everyone who has been a part of your journey? Introduce yourself with our custom metal badges that look good and serve the great purpose of becoming someone's souvenir.

We never limit you to one thing. Our badges are multi-purpose and can be used in many ways. You can use it as a backpack accessory or support any event - the options are endless. However, our badges are very popular for birthdays too. Whether it's a birthday or Christmas party, wearing custom badges is always in style.

Our custom metal badges for schools are a great way to make your school event memorable. With years of expertise in the field, we ensure the best quality services and customisation for each and every badge. Let's just say - your event is incomplete with our classic yet remarkable badges.

UK's Eco Metal Pin Badges - A Green Way To Make Your Event Remarkable!

Have you done everything to make your event a big hit? Flowers, drinks, stage and many other things might be on your list. What if we say we have something better that will add energy to it? Our customized eco metal pin badges are what take your event to the next level by energizing the people with this fantastic souvenir.

With excellent quality and vivid colours that strike, you can make the most out of your night just with these little pieces of eco-friendly metal. Our badges are top-notch and exceed the quality benchmark. Thanks to our elaborate quality check process, that only keeps the best one in the game by kicking the poor one out.

We are the best metal badges manufacturer for a reason. With high-quality craftsmanship, customisation, affordable prices and fast delivery - we check all the boxes of becoming the UK's best supplier. By adding eco-friendly touch to the badge world, we took the game to a whole new level. Get yours to understand what we're talking about!

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